The circular future has already begun in Cuijk
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Mega battery first step towards BECC Energy Hub

The Dutch electrical system is becoming more future-proof with the commissioning of a flexible battery from Alfen with a capacity of 10 MW and 20 MWh. With more than 85 years of electricity grid experience, Alfen is an energy solutions expert at the heart of energy transition to limit climate change.

With the battery, Bio Energie Centrale Cuijk (BECC) can now quickly switch between supplying and storing power (Enexis), depending on market conditions and the demands of both local and national grid operators (Tennet). Greenchoice receives green energy from BECC.

Electricity production from renewable sources like solar and wind depends on the time of year and the weather. Network operators require additional power producers who can quickly switch between supplying and storing power based on supply and demand to prevent electricity shortages or surpluses on the network that could harm equipment or appliances plugged in at home or businesses.

BECC can now make a flexible and sustainable contribution to this interplay of forces. The new 10 MW battery with a storage capacity of 20 MWh makes it possible to keep produced electricity 'in stock' until the electricity price rises to a more attractive level, which can be a matter of minutes. Moreover, the battery can switch much faster than the control panel itself.

With this investment, a BECC bio-energy plant becomes a BECC Energy Hub where we can deliver planned sustainable energy to our customers even faster
Gertjan de Jong of BECC

Preliminary study

After a preliminary study by Recoy, BECC selected Alfen as a supplier from five tender candidates. Stephanie Schockaert, Commercial Leader for Alfen's Energy Storage Solutions business: "We realized this project faster than usual in this industry because of the strong cooperation between BECC and its partners. Traditionally Alfen supplies industrial companies where energy is something extra. With this project, everything revolves around flexibility in its own installation and on the electricity grid."


Green Energy Storage and All4data assisted with the permit granting and project implementation. Reimert carried out the civil work, and Modderkolk completed the electrical engineering. Fudura manages the measurements, and Spectral is responsible for the hardware.

Greenchoice optimizes the flexible use of green electricity production. Jurgen Duivenvoorden, trading and forecasting manager: "This project is a big step for Greenchoice, although much more is needed for the Dutch energy transition. It is special that we have already succeeded. There are many requests for battery projects, but they are challenging for the network operators to realize."


The investments in the BECC Energy Hub have been made possible by Beequip, BECC Holding (supported by the National Green Fund ), and an Interreg grant from Smart Energy Link (via BOM).

BECC works with customers and suppliers to make North Brabant more sustainable based on regional biomass. BECC is the largest sustainable generator with local biomass residual flows in North Brabant, on the way to a sustainable heat supply to the municipality of Land van Cuijk by 2030 at the latest.