The circular future has already begun in Cuijk
Policy for the future
Policy for the future
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Policy for the future

Local energy

The Bio Energie Centrale Cuijk (BECC) works on regional biomass, mainly prunings from the area. These residual streams of waste material get a useful application in our installation because we generate green electricity and industrial heat with it. We supply around 20 Megawatts of power, sufficient for approximately 35,000 households, and 20 Megawatts of steam to our heat customers Essity and Berry Global and Duynie Ingredients on the industrial site in the port of Cuijk. Every year, this saves on heating 20 million cubic meters of natural gas or the consumption of around 13,000 households.

Entrepreneurs and jobs

The development of the sustainable heating network has led to the establishment of new companies and increased employment. There is still room in Cuijk for more new entrepreneurs who can use our heat. Providing sustainable industrial heat is one of the biggest challenges in the energy transition: there are no realistic alternatives for biomass yet. That is why sustainable heat from biomass is preferred in the provincial policy. We are investigating whether the BECC steam network can also supply homes and offices in the future.

Best possible flue gas cleaning

BECC meets the strictest European and Dutch emission standards for large-scale production installations. Our biomass plant has such advanced filters and catalysts that we remain well below the emission limit values, meaning locals are not bothered by our facility. We are continually investing to minimize the impact on our environment.
With the restart of the BECC in 2015, the four initiators have taken a fantastic step to give the "Haven Cuijk" business park a new boost. As a municipality, we are particularly pleased with the construction of the sustainable heating network, which has led to, among other things, the construction of a new factory by Duynie Ingredients. We are happy to continue working with BECC to make the entire industrial site climate neutral!
Drs. M.F.R.A. (Maarten) Jilissen, Economic Affairs Councilor

The first energy-neutral industrial site in the Netherlands

We are proud of our unique, local role in the Netherlands. We source our raw materials regionally and deliver our energy locally. Dragging materials around the globe does not fit in with the circular thinking that was central to the start of BECC, and that remains our guideline. To reinforce our circular philosophy, we do everything we can to make the industrial site where we energy neutral. That requires vision and courage from the other companies. The first companies have already joined, and the plan for further steps will be rolled out over the next year.
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Illustration: Local industrial park energy neutral